Haircut Trends

Haircut Trends of 2009

The pixie cut made a comeback in 2009, and it was everywhere on the catwalks and in the movies. Texture was the key to the fashion world in 2009, and super-texture cuts were no exception. The unique crop also made a comeback but lost its edge a bit, becoming too stacked in the back and too long in the front.

Textured Crop

The textured crop haircut is an attractive cut for men of any age. It features short, textured sides, a fade on the sides, and an optional fringe. A textured crop is a great haircut for thick hair, but it does require styling, and it looks best with wavy hair.

This style can be worn with long hair or short. The short pieces on top of the head add height and beautiful volume. It balances a round face. It’s also easy to style and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.


The bob haircut style has made a comeback in recent years. According to Toni & Guy, who styles thousands of bobs a week, the bob has become the most versatile of all styles, allowing stylists to create it in a variety of lengths and textures, which can be tailored to suit a variety of face shapes. It’s also become a real style staple.

Originally popularized by the late 1960s by hair stylist Antoine de Paris, the bob has evolved over the years. During its first incarnation, it was much shorter and simpler, and had a more edgy, rebellious appearance. The bob style challenged the traditional idea of long, beautiful hair, and subsequently won over many women. The bob style was popularized by movie stars such as Agyness Deyn, Natalie Portman, and Victoria Beckham. Although critics were upset with the new hairstyle, they also recognized the audacity behind it.

Textured Cut

The super-textured pixie cut made a comeback in 2009, appearing on film and runways alike. Its super-choppy style came as no surprise, but it didn’t stay that way for very long. The unique crop lost its luster for a time, becoming too stacked in the back and too long in the front.

Textured cuts are an excellent way to make the most of the short bob haircut, as they require low maintenance. A voluminous lob with long face-framing bangs looks great with a textured cut. To make it more exciting, add some subtle highlights for an enticing romantic look.

Mini-braid crowns

Mini-braid crowns are one of the most popular haircut styles of 2009. They are easy to do and look very fancy. You can easily wear them to any occasion, and they will add a bit of glam to your look. You can easily buy braided hair headbands at any beauty supply store. One of the most popular celebrities wearing this style is Lauren Conrad.

The first step to create a mini-braid crown is to divide your hair into four sections: two front-to-crown sections, two side-to-side sections, and two upper-shining sections. Twist these sections, making two braids each, and pin them to the crown. Then, wrap the other braid around the front and lower sections.


One of the most popular trends of 2009 is the use of layers in haircuts. A layered style can be achieved by adding layers to the hair at the front and along the jawline. The key to this haircut style is to avoid leaving any split ends. It is also possible to add color to a layered style to add more definition to the layered look. A layered haircut is ideal for framing oblong, heart, and diamond-shaped faces.

For the best results, choose a stylist who has experience with layered hair. If your hair is curly, go to a salon that specializes in this type of haircut. The style works well on all types of hair, but for thicker textures, you might not want to use layers at all. However, layers are a versatile choice, as they will add volume and body to any hair type.

Bieber’s dreadlocks

Justin Bieber’s controversial decision to sport dreadlocks earlier this year has again brought backlash. But this time, the star has a new look. This time, he’s rocking bleached blond hair. During the “Purpose” tour, the singer’s wardrobe was inspired by the lyrics of his new album.

In 2009, Bieber’s dreadlock hair style evoked a lot of negative reactions from fans. Fans made fun of the look and compared Bieber’s dreadlock hairstyle to Shaggy. Fans took to social media to express their displeasure with the style. However, while some people may not have been too keen on Bieber’s hairstyle, other fans embraced it.

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