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Exercise Ideas For Your Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds require a lot of physical activity and should be given at least an hour or two of exercise per day. This should include walks, jogs, brisk runs, and plenty of free playtime. They were originally bred to chase animals all day long, so they thrive on exercise.


Walking is a vital part of an Australian shepherd’s daily routine. He needs to walk 45 to 60 minutes a day and cover at least four to five miles. During these walks, he will burn off his energy and enjoy the social interaction that comes with being out in nature. Walking is also a good bonding experience for you and your Australian shepherd. Apart from walking, Australian Shepherds also benefit from other energy-burning activities.

The amount of exercise an Australian Shepherd needs is largely dependent on its lifestyle. For instance, if he lives on a small property or a farm, he will have less exercise needs than an urban dog. The latter, on the other hand, needs lots of exercises and needs to be mentally stimulated.


Running for your Australian Shepherd is a great way to get your dog exercise. They have high energy levels and can become destructive if not exercised properly. They also like to play games such as fetch. Running can also help your Australian Shepherd become stronger. This breed was originally bred as an industrious farm dog, so they have great endurance.

Depending on their age, an adult Australian Shepherd can cover four to six miles on a daily basis. You can begin by starting out with a short run and gradually increasing the time and distance. After a few weeks, you can start extending your run to longer distances.


Throwing a Frisbee is a great way to get your Aussie the exercise it needs. The sport develops strength, dexterity, and coordination, so it’s a fun way to spend some quality time with your dog. It’s important to begin with a low-level toss, and gradually increase the distance. You should also be patient and take it slow when you first introduce your Aussie to Frisbee play, as he or she may become very tired and angry.

Australian Shepherds are a highly active breed that needs regular physical activity and mental stimulation. They’re great at learning tricks and keeping themselves occupied. However, they’re also extremely destructive when bored. If they’re left alone for too long, Aussies can destroy things or even disturb a neighbor’s home. Getting your Aussie to socialize with other dogs early on can help prevent shyness and destructive behaviors later in life.

Obstacle course

Creating an obstacle course for your Aussie’s exercise needs can be as simple as setting up some cones and hula hoops. Then, as your Aussie progresses through the course, reward him with a treat or praise. You can also name the obstacles to help him distinguish between them and make the experience more fun for both you and your Aussie.

Australian Shepherds excel at agility and can do quite well at this sport. While you might not have the time to enter an agility competition, you can still set up an obstacle course in your backyard. You can build the obstacles yourself using objects around your home, or you can buy inexpensive agility equipment. Another great exercise for your Aussie is urban agility, which involves performing agility tasks while on a stroll. This is a great alternative to traditional agility as it provides your dog with both physical and mental exercise.


If you’re looking for a fun, effective way to fulfill your Australian Shepherd’s physical activity needs, you should consider dog parkour. This fun activity encourages your dog to engage in different muscle groups and helps improve his balance. It also provides lots of mental stimulation. Dog parkour requires the dog owner to remain beside his dog, encouraging him to use his entire body.

Australian Shepherds are known for being extremely energetic and highly athletic, so they need high-intensity activities to keep them in good shape. They also need strength-training exercises to keep their muscles in top shape. These muscles are crucial for the health of their joints and tendons, and strong muscles help to prevent injury. They also need enrichment, so physical activities are essential.

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