wearing multiple necklaces.

Wearing Multiple Necklaces

Wearing multiple necklaces is a popular fashion trend across time periods and cultures. These necklaces are made up of several strands of beads, chains, or ribbon. The strands are typically fastened together with a clasp. Sometimes, the strands are separate necklaces. For example, a triple layered necklace contains three strands of beads.

Mixing metals

Mixing metals is a great way to create a unique style. If you have a gold, silver, or copper necklace, consider wearing the same style with another piece of metal jewelry. The different metals will enhance each other’s characteristics, and it will add a unique look to your outfit.

The most common type of mixed metal accessory is the watch. But you can use any type of jewelry made of different metals. However, avoid mixing metals with wedding bands, buckles, zippers, or hinges.

Adding length

When layering multiple necklaces, you can use different lengths of each piece to create a layered look. This will create a more dramatic effect than the sum of the pieces. Layering different necklace lengths makes it possible to make any ensemble look more chic than before. If you’re not sure how to layer your necklaces, try layering short and long necklaces in different lengths.

When you have multiple necklaces, you can add some length to each necklace by adding a chain. You can add two or four inches to each necklace and show off the varying lengths of each one. This technique is especially great if you’re wearing a sweater or a thick top because the extra length will help the necklace sit higher.

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