5 Youthful Hairstyles Over 50

5 Youthful Hairstyles Over 50

If you’re looking to look younger, a new haircut can do wonders. Not only can a new style add a youthful vibe to your overall appearance, but it also helps your hair stay healthy and look great.

A bob is one of the most flattering cuts for women over 50, especially when it’s cut with long fringe and soft highlights that enhance your face shape.

Long Layers

Long layers are a great way to update your tresses and keep you looking youthful. They also give your hair an added lift and dimension, and you can wear them up or down, depending on your mood.

When choosing a haircut, consider your age, face shape and complexion, lifestyle, height and build. Then, you can decide whether it would be best to cut your hair short or rock it longer.

If you have a round face, try a feathered pixie cut with a tapered nape and long layers. It will help you narrow your face and make you look younger and slimmer.

If you prefer a classic cut, opt for a bob with accurate grading for your tresses and a side parting. It will frame your face and complement any outfit perfectly.


A lob is an excellent hairstyle for women over 50, as it’s a versatile cut that looks great on a variety of face shapes and hair textures. A lob can help balance the proportions of your face, making it look slimmer and longer.

To find the perfect lob for your face shape, make sure you talk to your hairstylist about the best approach for you. This haircut can help frame your eyes and cheekbones, creating a flattering finish.

If you have a round face, this is an especially attractive option as it makes your face appear longer and slimmer. But if you have a square or heart-shaped face, it’s best to avoid chin-length lobs as these styles can be too harsh on your features.

Another popular lob for women over 50 is the choppy bob, which works well on wavy or thick hair. This style adds a lot of bounce and movement to the locks, which can give you an edgy and urban look.


Shags are great options for a youthful hairstyle over 50 because they have the potential to recapture your fun memories and revive the cool spirit of the ’70s. They can also add dimension to your face shape and enhance your cheekbones.

A shag can be worn with straight, wavy or curly hair. It’s a versatile cut that looks best on women with medium to thick hair.

Celebrity stylist Rachel Williams (@rachelwstylist) shared some tips and tricks for styling a shag. She recommends using a texture spray or mousse for added volume and movement.

The shag is a classic cut that works on all hair textures, but it’s especially flattering on straight or wavy hair. It also works well with full or wispy bangs for a chic look that catches the eye.


Blonde hair is a popular color choice for mature women. Not only does it make you look younger, but it also covers gray roots.

If you want to go for a blonde style, try to choose one that suits your skin tone. Cool, soft shades of blonde look good with pale or pinkish skin tones, whereas golden or honey hues work best on darker-toned complexions.

Another way to enhance your blonde tresses is to add little dark brown or red-toned highlights. This is a great option for women who have a medium skin tone and light eyes.

For a youthful bob, try to opt for a honey-blonde base with golden highlights. This is a classic style that will never go out of fashion.

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