short gel nail designs

Short Gel Nail Designs

Short gel nails are a great option for women who want to get their hands polished without the hassle of long manicures. They’re also easy to apply and look super cute.

There are many short nail art designs to choose from. Here are 14 of our favorites to inspire you.

Mint Green

Mint green is a light, fresh color that has a calming effect. It also goes well with gray and white.

Another color that goes perfectly with mint green is sandy brown. It gives a very beachy and relaxing look.

A sandy brown rug and furniture pieces look fantastic with this color combo. It is also great for kitchens as it works well with chrome.

Cherry Red

Red is classic and timeless, and there are many ways to incorporate the color into your nails.

If you want to add a bold pop of color this month, cherry red is the way to go. Try a glam French mani with this shade, or use it as the base of your next nail art.


A warm, chocolatey hue is the perfect way to add color and texture to your nails. Try a few different shades to find the one you love best.

The best part about this look is that it’s easy to achieve. It’s simple and chic, and it can be worn to a variety of events.


A classic, timeless color that can be mixed and matched with anything, nude is a staple nail polish shade that never goes out of style.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to experiment with your nude mani, try these creative nail designs that will make a big statement! From florals to hearts, rhinestones and more, there are so many ways to make your manicure pop!

Rose Gold

Rose gold is one of the most popular nail polish shades. It is flattering on all skin tones and looks beautiful paired with other colors or on its own.

It is made from a combination of gold and copper, which gives it a pinkish hue. It can be mixed with other metals to create different hues.

Lashed Eyes

Lashed eyes on matte nail color are a fun and whimsical addition to a manicure. This is a design that could be used as an everyday manicure or a festive party nail motif.

This cute nail art uses geometric shapes in red, black and blue. They are placed artfully over a nude base and covered in a high-shine coat to make them stand out.

Half Moon French Tip

Half moon french tip nails feature a crescent-shaped space at the base of your nail where the polish is not applied. It is a minimalist design that allows your manicure to last longer between salon visits.

The simplest way to achieve this look is to paint the base of your nail with your favorite shade, then use a striping brush to outline a semi-circle shape at the base.

Candy Apple Red

Candy apple red is a true and classic red that looks amazing when combined with other colors. It can be used as an accent color for short nails or long nails alike.

This look is a popular choice for Valentine’s Day because it shows off your romantic side! It is also a great option for a simple nail design for short nails that you can wear all the time.

Heart Stamp-Placed

Heart stamp-placed short gel nail designs are a great way to show your love this Valentine’s Day. They can look quite elegant and simple, especially when you pair them with nude or white nails!

These French tips are colored in pink and dotted with little red hearts. They’re sure to make your sweetie smile!

Hand-Painted Flowers

Short gel nails make it possible to experiment with over-the-top nail art without having to worry about chipping. And flowers are the perfect way to add a bit of flair without feeling too over-the-top.

These hand-painted flowers are a beautiful combination of delicate details and high-gloss shine. The soft colors and simple placement really make this manicure stand out.

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