The Egirl Aesthetic

The Egirl Aesthetic

The egirl aesthetic is a popular style that’s becoming increasingly mainstream. It’s a blend of cosplay, skate and hip-hop culture, goth, anime and pop-punk styles.

One of the most common e-girl styles is colorful hair. Vampire red, neon green and purple are among the most common colors used. Split dye hair is also a popular trend.

E-Girl Makeup

The egirl aesthetic is a popular makeup trend, originating from replicating augmented-reality beauty filters. This look focuses heavily on the cheeks and eyes.

To achieve this look, you’ll need a good base of foundation that matches your skin tone. Liquid foundation is a good choice as it’s light and doesn’t give you a cakey look.

Next, you’ll need a soft pink shade of blush. Instead of using traditional powder blush, use an oil or cream-based formula.

Blush is a great way to add depth and dimension to your face, especially when combined with soft eyeshadow. Apply a small amount of the blush across your hairline, temples, and down your cheeks.

A thick black liner is also important to complete the look. Unlike a simple winged eyeliner, this e-girl look requires an exaggerated cat eye that moves upwards rather than outwards.

E-Girl Clothing

E-girl clothing is a subculture that came into the mainstream through Tik Tok, and it has a very distinctive edgy aesthetic. It has a hypersexualized child aesthetic that borrows from anime and cosplay, along with a BDSM quality, but it doesn’t necessarily focus on sex.

While e-girls are known for their oversized band tees, they also love the look of a fitted crop top with a high-waist skirt or pants. These can be paired with jeans or leather, and are often a staple in any E-girl’s closet.

If you’re looking for a great selection of clothes for the egirl aesthetic, there are many online stores you can check out. All of these stores have a variety of garments and accessories for this fashion style, including shoes and jewelry.

For example, All Things Rainbow offers a large range of apparel that spans grunge and cottagecore styles, plus E-girl outfits. It also has original, eye-catching jewelry that you’ll love!

E-Girl Accessories

The egirl aesthetic is a dark and feminine take on subculture that’s been popularized online. It combines emo and punk rocker styles with a playful twist.

Makeup is a big part of this aesthetic, and it includes heavy blush and bright eyeshadow. This is often paired with winged eyeliner and face stamps.

Hairstyles are also an important aspect of this look, and e-girls typically have pigtails or bangs with colorful hair clips. They can choose a variety of colors, from pastel tones like pink and green to more vibrant ones like vampire red or neon green.

Silver accessories are a big part of this look, and they are often inspired by chain designs. They tend to be more on the heavy side, but subtle silver jewelry is also a great option for this aesthetic.

E-Girl Hair

E-girl hair is a vibrant and playful look that can instantly pop your whole outfit. It’s easy to achieve and is a good way to try out new colors without worrying about upkeep.

Typically, e-girls have chunky blonde highlights that define their face and frame it. These are also pretty low maintenance since they’re achieved by bleaching a large section of the front strands.

These highlights can be dyed in any color you like, but it’s important to choose one that stands out against your natural hair. For a bolder result, go for a bright red or black.

If you want to go for a more subtle option, you can try out the split dye trend and dye each side of your head a different hue. This can be a bold contrast like black and white or a more natural color like purple and pink.

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