What is a Mom Haircut?

Generally, a mom haircut is anything shoulder-length or shorter. Bobs, lobs, pixies, Kate Gosselin-style cuts, and a few others are considered mom haircuts.

However, they aren’t the only styles that women with kids are wearing these days. In fact, some haircuts are now being pegged as cool mom styles–meaning, they’re on-trend and chic without being overly frumpy.

Cool Mom Style

Cool Mom Style is a trendy and sophisticated haircut that is ideal for women who want to look beautiful without spending too much time on their hair. This haircut is also very easy to maintain and will help you stay looking great all day long.

Another great thing about this haircut is that it looks amazing on all face shapes. It perfectly frames the face and enhances your features.

To achieve this look, you can opt for a layered cut with bangs. This will look stunning on any type of face shape and will definitely give you that elongated look that you have been seeking.

To avoid a helmet-like hairstyle, choose your layers light and keep your ends slicked-y. This will prevent you from looking like a Lord Farquaad-esque, heavy, blunt bob.

No-Maintenance Mom Style

The no-maintenance mom hairstyle is a cinch to achieve thanks to the latest in hair care technology. For example, a mom with curly locks can enjoy smoother than silky results from the best hair conditioners in town. Similarly, moms with fine tresses will be delighted to learn that their voluminous tresses can be styled into a streamlined look with just a brush and a bit of hairspray. For the ladies with straight tresses, the best no-fuss hair style is a side-swept bob, which can be achieved in minutes by taming your strands with a little taming and some elbow grease.

Shorter Mom Style

When you have a lot on your plate and don’t want to fuss with long tresses, shorter mom hair is the way to go. This haircut takes less time to maintain and it looks good without blow drying and styling, letting you take on your day-to-day tasks with ease.

The best part about this style is that it comes in different fits, styles and colors to suit your needs. If you are looking for a more relaxed fit, opt for a high waisted Mom short that sits just below the belly button. This will create the illusion of longer legs and give you a little more room when tucking in tops.

If you’re looking for a more dressed up option, try a pair of distressed Mom shorts with frays or rips on the leg. This is a fun, summery option that works well for any occasion. You can wear them with a black blazer, a graphic tee and sneakers or heels for a pulled together look.

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