How to Style Long Blonde Hair

Blonde hair can be very beautiful, but it needs extra care. It also needs a special shampoo and conditioner to keep it shiny and healthy.

Long blonde hair is a great choice for women who want to look glamorous and sumptuous. Whether you choose a warm color or a cool one, long blonde hair can make every single strand shine.

Halo Braids

If you are looking for a braid that can make your hair look really pretty, you should try out halo braids. They are a classic hairstyle that can be worn on many occasions and look amazing no matter what you wear.

If you have long blonde hair, you can use this type of braid to make your hair look elegant and stylish. Start braiding your hair behind your ear and work it around your head, making sure that all the lengths of your hair are included.

This style requires a little practice and patience, so it is best to be patient and take your time. The results will be worth it! You can even add some flowers or other decorations to make your hairstyle more impressive and beautiful.

Messy Braided Hairstyle

Long blonde hair is a fabulous color choice for many women. It is a soft and pretty shade that works well with various haircuts.

There are many ways to style your blonde hair, including braids. Braids are a great way to add volume and dimension to your hair.

The best thing about braids is that they are an easy, versatile way to make a dramatic style statement with your tresses. They can be a fun alternative to ponytails or half-updos, as long as you don’t mind an exaggerated style.

One of the easiest braided hairstyles to try is a milkmaid braid, which is a simple yet elegant look that’s great for school or working out. It is also a great look to wear to a special event or party.

Top Bun

A top bun is a great hairstyle for medium to long hair. It’s a simple style that will look good for any occasion.

But what’s more, a top bun isn’t just simple and easy to create, it’s also a great way to show off your natural texture. The bun can be voluminous or messy, depending on how you style it.

To get a voluminous top bun, start with clean, dry hair and apply a bit of volumizing spray like Moraccanoil’s Dry Texture Spray ($30). Next, separate your crown and face-framing hair into two sections and tease it at the roots, building texture and volume.

Gather the hair from your crown into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Then, twist the ponytail at its base and wrap it around until you reach the hair ends to make a bun. Spritz your hair with a finishing spray to help hold it in place.

Half-Up Bun

The half-up bun is a casual look that can be styled for various occasions. It can be paired with loose waves, a side braid, a sleek ponytail, and a top knot for a stylish and complete hairstyle.

The best part is, you don’t need voluminous hair to pull this style off. Just spritz your roots with a dry texture spray, like Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray or Amika Undone Volume & Texture Spray, and then back-comb the top half of your hair to create some height.

This hairstyle is also super easy to recreate and perfect for everyday wear. It’s easy to tuck and roll, making it a versatile style for any occasion.

A fun twist on the classic space bun, these braided half-up buns are a must try! They’re a fun hairstyle for any occasion, especially if you’re going out with your girls or to the prom.

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