The 13 Kibbe Body Types

The Kibbe body types system was introduced in 1987 by Manhattan-based image expert David Kibbe. He argued that we’re all a mixture of Yin (feminine/soft features) and Yang (masculine/sharp features).

There are 13 different Kibbe body types, falling across five families — dramatic, classic, natural, gamine, and romantic. Understanding which one you’re in can help you with your style, whether that means dressing for your height or your curves.


The dramatic body type embodies sharp, angular lines from head to toe. They are the most Yang (masculine) of the Kibbe body types and have a distinct skeleton and bone structure.

A Dramatic is also characterized by long, thin arms and legs. Their facial bone structure is angular and sharp, as well.

These features are further accentuated by the symmetry of their face, which includes expressive parts such as the nose, cheekbones, and chin.

A dramatic woman can easily look masculine, but she can also be very feminine-inspired with the right clothes and accessories. She should wear clothing that sculpts her figure and makes it stand out.


The Natural is a Kibbe body type that resides between the Dramatic and Classic types on the Yin-Yang axis. It features a frame dominant physique, broad shoulders and slim hips that create a clear and prominent T-silhouette.

People with a Natural type are soft and feminine, with a soft, squishy yang quality. They have broad shoulders and cheekbones that are slightly angular.

Hands and feet are also a moderate to large size. They may have a small waist in proportion to bust and hips.

The best way to determine your body type is to look at photos of yourself in form-fitting clothing. This will give you an accurate representation of your body shape and proportions.


The Classic body type is a balance between yin and yang. This means that you have a balanced proportions throughout your body, including your waist, hips, and bust.

Kibbe defines this body type as having a gentle silhouette that resembles a pear-shaped figure, with a slight roundness that adds femininity. This subtle roundness also nods to the Romantic Kibbe body type, creating a unique blend of feminine refinement and romantic glamour.

Kibbe says this body type is most often found in fashion models, who have balanced proportions and a slim waist definition that makes their figures appear hourglass-shaped rather than pear-shaped. This balanced look is ideal for women who want to emphasize their curves, but don’t want their bodies to become disproportionately curvy or voluminous.


The Gamine body type is a combination of sharp angles and delicate curves. It is a youthful and charming look that is perfect for women with a playful, vivacious energy.

Gamines are a study in contrast between yin and yang. These individuals have a balanced appearance and feature large eyes and soft contours.

This type is petite and typically under 5’5” tall. They have a round face shape, lush lips, and a soft nose.

When shopping for clothing, make sure to consider the Yin and Yang balance of your body and face. This will help you choose pieces that will work best for you.


Romantic is one of the 13 kibbe body types, which was developed by David Kibbe to help women understand their unique body shape and choose clothing styles that flatter their figure. This system is based on the premise that a person’s physical characteristics are determined by a ratio of Yin and Yang.

Yin is feminine and soft, while yang is masculine and angular. According to this theory, a romantic is a woman with delicate, round features.

Romantics usually have a pear-shaped hourglass figure, with full breasts and narrow waists. They also tend to have rounded hips and legs.

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