Top 5 Summer Toe Nail Designs

Summer is the perfect time to wear bright and bold colors for your pedi! You can try a variety of different designs for your nails, including neon, dark blue, and yellow.

You can also make your nail design more fun by adding a few rhinestones or sparkles to it. These can really help your pedi stand out from the rest!

Neon toes

Neon toes are the perfect way to stand out this summer. They’re super eye-catching and will have you feeling like you’re walking on sunshine all day long.

The best part is that they go with every outfit and skin tone! You can even add a little sparkle for extra impact.

The upcoming season will see the resurgence of classic pedicure designs such as French tips, but there are also alternative ideas that you can try. For example, jet-black tips painted with sharp lines over a nude base look classy and feminine.

Fruity toenails

Adding fruity designs to your summer pedicure is a great way to bring a touch of positivity and joy. Cherries, melons, strawberries and more can be used to create an array of cute nail art.

You can also experiment with a variety of different colors and shapes to create unique summer toenail art. You can choose from bright neons, pastel shades and animal prints to create a look that suits your personality!

Pink is one of the most classic colors for nails and can be used to create a range of different looks. You can combine it with a detailed white pattern for a sweet and feminine finish, or opt for a bold color to create a striking effect.

Smiley faces

The smiley face is a basic ideogram that was first designed in the 1950s and has since become part of popular culture worldwide. Today it’s used as a standalone ideogram, or as a foundation for digital pictograms, known as emoticons.

The original design, developed by Massachusetts artist Harvey Ball, was simple, two dots and a line that represented eyes and a mouth. Later, more elaborate designs appeared, featuring noses and eyebrows.


Strawberries are a staple summer fruit that’s a perfect way to add some fun to your manicure. From baby-pink accented with black dots to a classic bright red and curly green stem, there’s plenty of strawberry nail art to choose from!

The sweet and tasty berries can be eaten fresh, frozen or used to prepare recipes like cakes, yoghurts, desserts, juices and even chocolates (Lyons). They are one of the best sources of vitamins C and iron.


Bears are some of the cutest animals on earth, and they’ve inspired many cartoon characters and fluffy toys. They’re a great choice for designing your nail art around, and can be paired with soft pinks or rich brown hues.

They’re omnivores and eat a variety of foods, including berries, nuts and other fruit. Some bears are opportunistic, and will take advantage of prey that’s already dead or hidden in rotting wood. Others are more scavengers, and will find food in the most unexpected places.

Love hearts

Hearts have always been a symbol of love and affection. They have been used in many different ways throughout history, from jewelry and clothing to tattoos and nail art.

This summer, if you’re looking for some fresh new ideas for your toes, try these cute heart nail designs! They’ll have you feeling all the feelings in no time!

For a simple but utterly adorable look, try painting your nails with wine red sparkly polish. Then, use a thin detailer brush to create V-shaped hearts on your tips. Leave negative space shapes between the hearts and fill them in with white.

Sunshiny yellow

Sunshiny yellow nails are a great way to brighten up your summer style. There are lots of nail designs that incorporate this sunny color, and they will certainly be a hit at the beach or any other outdoor event this season.

For example, there are cute toe nail ideas that include cartoon stickers or hand-painted smiley faces. These designs are easy to do and will give your feet an extra boost of energy every time you look down at them.

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