Short Pixie Haircuts Front and Back View

A short pixie haircut is a popular style. It looks stylish and unique, and is easy to style.

These pixie hairstyles are great for ladies with a round face shape and thin hair. They offer plenty of volume, plus the pointed angles create a sexy effect.

Front View

A short pixie haircut is one of the most popular and trendy hairstyles right now. It is short and textured, giving it a stylish and unique look.

If you are a busy woman who is looking for a style that won’t require too much upkeep, this cut is a great choice. You can easily style your pixie with simple products and tools.

Choppy pixies can be a perfect option for ladies with curly hair. They can help define every single curl and give it a textured finish.

The choppy cut is also ideal for straight hair, as it adds extra volume and dimension. You can also try it with a lighter color for an interesting contrast.

The asymmetrical pixie can be very flattering to round face shapes. It can also be very feminine if you have dark roots. It can add a touch of glamor to your hairstyle, especially when paired with side bangs.

Back View

Unlike other hairstyles that need to be regularly restyled and re-blow-dryed, short pixie haircuts are easy to keep looking neat. All you need is a bit of texturizing spray and a blowdryer to make your strands look fresh all the time.

Short pixie haircuts are incredibly versatile and can be worn in several different ways. They can be slicked back for a clean, polished look or styled messy and undone. They are also fairly low maintenance, which makes them a popular choice for busy women.

Side View

Pixie hairstyles are a great option for all face shapes. They are easy to style and will look stunning if done right.

Short pixie haircuts are also a great way to experiment with a hair color you wouldn’t normally try. You can go for a whitish blonde pixie cut and accent the sides with natural highlights or darker hues.

This layered pixie hairstyle has tons of movement and body. Layers add volume and texture to thin hair and create a modern look with attitude.

Spiky pixies are a must-have for anyone who wants to rock an unapologetically feminine look. They’re perfect for young models and women of all ages, like Angela Bassett, who wears this trendy pixie with spiky bangs.

This asymmetrical pixie is the perfect way to show off your unique personality and enhance your gorgeous face shape. You can even make the cut more bold and attention-grabbing by adding a few blonde highlights to the top.

Top View

If you love a long hairstyle but feel like your fine hair needs a little more volume, a pixie haircut is the perfect answer. This short style will put an end to your hair thinning problems and will make your locks look lighter, thicker and more full-bodied with layers that will texture your cut and give you the illusion of bigger, healthier locks.

If you don’t have thick or fine hair but want a pixie that looks more glamorous, opt for a two-toned look. Blonde highlights will add a touch of contrast and create an old Hollywood vibe.

This icy blonde color will be a great match for your skin tone and will make you look like a red carpet star! You can get this look with a light balayage or by adding a few streaks of a darker shade.

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