Trendy Short Gel Nails

Raise your hand if you apologize for having short nails every time you get a manicure. Long nails may be trendy, but there are tons of creative nail designs for any length.

This design is great for those who love mellow colors and want a unique look. There are dotted and striped patterns that help you stand out.

1. Blue and Yellow Gel Nail Design

Blue and yellow are a classic color combination that can look great on any nail shape or style. This particular design pairs a simple half-moon manicure with blue and yellow polka dots.

This beautiful pattern shows off a playful cultural vibe. The yin and yang design is perfect for summer, and the colors will make you stand out in a crowd.

2. Black and White Gel Nail Design

Nothing says glamor like a beautiful-looking manicure. These white gel nails are simple and elegant with a pop of color from the little red hearts on the ring fingers.

Modern squares and rectangles dotted across the nails make this design interesting and eye-catching. It’s perfect for people who enjoy modern art.

Black love has never looked more powerful than it does on these nails. Black thorns on a white base create an intriguing image that speaks volumes.

3. Iris Petals Gel Nail Design

There’s nothing like lovely-looking nails to boost your confidence and uplift your mood. And a great way to do that is by trying out some of these trendy short gel nail designs!

Bright colors look incredible on shorter nails, and that includes emerald greens, neon yellows, and classic reds. Experts recommend going for oval or squoval shapes to give the look a more polished, sophisticated feel.

4. Pink and White Gel Nail Design

Nothing can boost a woman’s confidence and make her feel great than lovely-looking nails. It’s always a great idea to do your nails often so that they are as beautiful as possible.

This pink nail idea is a good choice for women who want to show off their feminine side. It has beautiful ombre colors that blend into each other. There is also a black and white pattern that adds uniqueness to the design.

5. Iris Petals Gel Nail Design

Paint each nail a different color to create a cool gradient effect. This design is very simple but eye-catching and looks great on short nails.

Pink and purple combine to create a beautiful pattern in this gel nail design. It’s perfect for people who love pastel colors.

This cute flowery design is perfect for a casual mellow look this summer. It also adds a bit of flair to any outfit.

6. Black Love Gel Nail Design

If you’re looking for an elegant design that exudes sophistication, this black love gel nail design is perfect. It’s also simple enough that novice artists can recreate it easily.

These nails look just like the ones Hailey Bieber had trending on TikTok. They’re also called the glazed donut nail style. This type of nail art looks great on light skin tones.

7. Black and White Animal Print Gel Nail Design

If you’re into black and white, this is a great way to show it off in a trendy fashion. The black stripes are not all the same size and they create a complex effect that’s really cool.

A beautiful periwinkle color is made even better with intricate black splashes that add a touch of elegance. It’s a powerful design that will make a statement to anyone who sees it.

8. Blue and Pink Gel Nail Design

Blue is a great color for summer and it’s easy to do on short nails. This cool gel nail design features different images and colors including a black wire mesh amid a blue background, doodles, and a dapple of different shades.

Black love is powerfully expressed in this unique gel nail design. Light pink nails are accentuated with intricate black splashes for a gorgeous look.

9. Pink and Black Gel Nail Design

Pink is a girly color that can stand for cute, fun and even sexy. Embrace this feminine color with new trendy gel nail designs that are anything but boring.

This amazing nail design has a variety of images and colors on each nail. There is a sunflower image on some nails, a dotted blue and yellow pattern on others and black lines that make this set stunning.

10. Blue and Black Gel Nail Design

Black and blue gel nail art is a powerful design that can make you look stunning. It features a unique color that is accentuated with a cross symbol, intricate patterns, and gold glitters.

This cute gel nail art has a neutral base with dotted stripes of different colors. You can also add silver sequences to make this design more elegant. This design is easy to make and is perfect for summer.

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