Emo Hairstyles For Girls

Many of the classic emo hairstyles require ample length to pull off. If your tresses are too short, you can still get into the style by adding punk elements.

Start by combing your strands to remove any tangles. Next, create a deep side part with a rat tail comb. Finally, tuck the rest of your hair into two cute half loop pigtails that frame your face. Finish the look with strong-hold hair gel.

Layered Haircut

Emo hairstyles are often layered. This medium length cut features a long straight fringe and short layers on the sides. Ask your stylist to keep the bottom layer a little longer than the top.

Embrace your creativity to create an eye-catching look. For example, a fishtail braid or fancy side ponytail can add a quirky touch to your usual loose Emo style. Also, try new hues for your emo hair to make it stand out more.

Asymmetrical Bangs

Spike your hair on the top with a straight fringe to frame your face with this emo style. Comb through it to remove any tangles and apply some hair gel to help it stay in place.

Try out a vivid hair color to give your emo look a unique twist. Combine a deep blue shade with platinum blonde to create a cool contrast.

This asymmetrical bangs emo hairstyle works well for both long and short hair. Ask your stylist to cut in lots of choppy layers, then style them with a sweeping side fringe.

Side-Swept Bangs

One of the most general emo hairstyles for girls, this asymmetrical cut is easy to style. Comb your hair to remove tangles, apply hair serum to minimize heat damage, and straighten the top layers and bangs with a flat iron. Spritz with hairspray to keep the style in place.

Try this emo hairstyle with a dark blue color to create an eye-catching look. If you have long hair, comb the back into a deep part and pin your bangs to the side for a dramatic effect.

Long Hair with Side Bangs

Add a rock twist to a pixie cut with long side bangs. This emo hairstyle is usually short in the back and longer in front, creating a V shape around your face. It also looks great with a dark pink or blue dye.

High-contrast hair color is another key element of an emo look. While most emo hairstyles are dyed black, you can break the mold with a bright hue.

Asymmetrical Haircut

If you have thick hair, an asymmetrical haircut looks great for an emo look. Dye one half of your hair black and the other a lighter color. You can even add a splash of a third color in your hair for more drama.

Give a classic pixie cut an emo touch by sweeping your bangs up to the side of your forehead and wearing it with a rat tail. You can also crimp your bangs for a more edgy style.

Curtain-Style Haircut

Emo girls often use a long curtain-style fringe to frame their face. This look can be worn straight, or pushed back with cute hair clips.

Dark colors look best for this style. You can dye all of your hair a dark color like black or dark brown, or mix in a few contrasting streaks.

A choppy cut also looks cool on emo hair. Have your stylist cut in lots of choppy layers, then add a sweeping side fringe.

Two-Tone Haircut

A two-tone haircut is a great way to add a pop of color to your emo style. Try a dark shade like black or brown at the roots and lighten it to pastels at the tips. This is a popular style for people with long hair.

To pull this look off, comb your hair into a deep side part that would cover one eye. Then tease the crown to create a puff and secure it with hairspray.

Textured Haircut

One of the best emo hairstyles for girls is to wear your hair with lots of special texture. This is easily achieved by using texturizing products that help create a piecey effect for your locks.

You can also get an emo look with a sweeping fringe that goes into your eyes. This can be kept out of your face by pinning it back with bobby pins or barrettes.

Another way to add a touch of two-tone emo style is to dye your hair a deep shade like black, then highlight the ends with a lighter color. This gives your emo hairstyle a unique and dramatic look.

Wispy Haircut

If you want to style your hair with emo elements but aren’t ready for the full pixie cut, try a wispy haircut. This style features a thin side bang that covers one eye and a bold pop of color to add dimension.

Emo hairstyles for boys come in a variety of lengths, so you can find the right look for your mane. Embrace the classic black if you prefer a more traditional approach, or dye it blonde to show off your personality and stand out from the crowd.

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