Emo Hair Styling

Emo hair is bold and often includes a bright color. Dye your hair a bright red or dark blue and pair it with thick side bangs for an eye-catching look.

Another popular emo style is a shag haircut with choppy layers and a deep part. You can tease the crown and use a strong-hold hairspray to keep it in place.

Short and Sleek

Emo hair can be varied in a number of ways. For example, long emo bangs can be swept to the side for a classic look or slicked back for a more conservative appearance. Even if you have short hair, a few special texture-enhancing products can make your fringe look punky and spiky.

Try a high-contrast coloring technique that blends dark brown roots and silvery gray balayage. It’s a great way to look cool and sophisticated while still expressing your emo style.

If you have blonde hair, don’t be afraid to experiment with a bold color that will stand out. Vivid orange, for instance, contrasts beautifully with a light lemony blonde shade. You can also add fun highlights or streaks to your blond hair for an eye-popping effect. Fishtail braids are another creative way to show off your emo style. Rather than the traditional side-swept look, consider a full frontal plait. This style looks great on girls and guys alike.

Various Short Lengths

Many emo boys have short hair, and they can be styled in a variety of ways. You can brush it back for a sleek look or spike it up to give it a punk edge. You can also dye it to change up the style. Black is popular for emo hair, but so are pink and blue. Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance and Lisa Origliasso of The Veronicas both sport this look, with the latter wearing her blonde hair in vibrant streaks of color.

If you have medium length hair, try this emo haircut for girls that blends traditional emo styles with scene style. It includes a deep side part, bangs and layers. You can also add in your own touch with special hair accessories and a fabulous pop of color. A few strands of neon pink or a cool-toned ombre will make this emo style totally your own! The angular fringe in front will cover one eye and add to the dramatic effect.

Short Hair with Pops of Color

There are plenty of options for emo hair styling that don’t require you to dye your locks black. Instead, try adding pops of color to your layered look with hair chalk or spray. This is a great way to show off your bright personality without worrying about the long-term commitment of permanent coloring!

If you do want to go all out, consider a dramatic dark brown hue for your bob. Adding some shocking colors to your hair will give you an ultra-cool emo look that will impress your friends.

Another way to express yourself is by adding choppy sections of your bangs. This is a classic emo style that is perfect for girls and boys. A deep side part is the perfect base for this style, and you can add more choppy layers to the rest of your hair to frame your face. You can also comb your bangs forward for a striking look that is sure to turn heads!

No Cutting Required

The classic emo hairstyle often features long layers, a deep side-part, and a fringe to cover one or both eyes. Whether it’s dyed in bright pink or black, this look is sure to turn heads. It’s an excellent option for those who prefer a more casual look that’s also easy to maintain.

Typically, emo hair is medium length and is thick with a lot of texture. It’s easy to achieve this look by combing your hair over to the opposite side and pushing it partially over your face. Then, you can style it with a headband or scarf.

If you want to achieve an emo look without having to get your hair cut, simply tease out sections and curl them for a blown out look. Add a touch of hair serum to reduce heat damage and lock in moisture. You can even add a little bit of hairspray to keep your style in place. Just make sure to use a non-sticky formula that won’t weigh your hair down.

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